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14th Street Promenade

Work has started on the Promenade on 14th north of Market. East Village residents will see a pedestrian friendly greenscape on 14th Street continuing south from Broadway as properties are developed and funds become available. The blocks that front Albertson's and Faultline Park will be first to be developed. The block between F and G Streets will be completed with the East Village Green Phase I project beginning fall 2020 with an estimated two year completion for East Village Green Phase I. In addition to the Promenade East Village Green will bring a long waited dog park, recreational facilities and community connections as we exit from COVID19.

Strolling the Green Promenade

14th Street Promenade Master Plan

A pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly linkage in the heart of the East Village neighborhoods of Downtown San Diego? Absolutely. With the new Master Plan, the underused right-of-way along 14th Street will become a grand 30-foot wide promenade connecting City College to Barrio Logan through East Village. Working with CivicSD, the Promenade space was created by eliminating one parking lane on the east side of the street and reducing the width of traffic lanes, gaining about 16 additional feet for pedestrians and bicyclists—more than doubling the existing width. The Plan also addresses underground utilities and stormwater management. The East Village neighborhood is slated to absorb the majority of residential units planned for Downtown, so public open space is critical for the social and recreational needs of the community.  Ultimately, 14th Street will be one of six linear greenway corridors, creating a network of open spaces and linking Downtown parks with neighboring communities.  

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