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Clean & Safe Services

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or please call at (619) 234-8900 between 8:00AM – 5:00PM .

After hours calls and all text pictures highlighting concerns call or text (619) 414-2698.

Whose Job Is It AnyWay?

The diagram below shows all of the possible maintenance problems on a typical Downtown San Diego street corner and identifies which public or private agency is responsible for the specific repairs. This diagram is an easy to use tool for property owners and businesses when reporting problems you see everyday.

Maintenance Services

Clean & Safe Maintenance Ambassadors are deployed in each Downtown neighborhood 7 days a week and they perform enhanced maintenance activities supplementing the City of San Diego's baseline services. The primary responsibilities for the Maintenance Ambassadors include:

  • Sidewalk sweeping

  • Trash removal from public trash cans

  • Debris removal and other illegal dumps

  • Power washing of public sidewalks

  • Systematic graffiti and sticker removal

  • Removal of human and animal waste

  • Landscaping of the Broadway and Market Street and Park Boulevard medians

  • Tree maintenance and weed abatement

Medians and Landscaping - The Clean & Safe Program maintains the medians on Broadway, Park Boulevard and Market Street and provides landscaping in other areas Downtown.

All Terrain Litter Vehicle (ATLV) - ATLV can vacuum surfaces using either the elephant trunk-like hose for those hard to reach, in-between places, or they can be used like a traditional vacuum and will pick up debris simply by driving over it. Also, the all terrain capability of the machines means they work great on the widely varying types of sidewalk in Downtown.

Scrubber - Through funds provided by County Supervisor Ron Roberts the Clean & Safe program has purchased a Tenant 7400 Sidewalk Cleaning Machine, or "Srubber." The 7400 is considerably quieter than traditional power washing methods, while also remaining compliant of Storm Water Regulations requiring that all cleaning water is reclaimed.

Trash Receptacles - The Clean & Safe Program collects trash from over 300 Downtown public trash receptacles, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we average over 60 tons of garbage removed every month. We recycle at least 10% of all trash that we recover.

Green Machine - The Green Machine is our newest piece of equipment. It is a walk behind combination vacuum and sweeper, which our Maintenance Ambassador team uses with greater efficiency and speed compared to manual sweeping.

Safety Services

Our Safety Ambassador team is contracted through Service Group, Inc. A primary goal of the Safety Ambassadors is to complement the City of San Diego's Police Department. Using Sprint cell phones to communicate in the field and compile information as they patrol on foot and bicycle, Ambassadors act as an extra set of "eyes and ears" for law enforcement and property owners. Safety Ambassadors pro actively engage homeless individuals, providing them with useful information about the various social services available and where they can be found. The Safety Ambassadors serve to:

  • Deter quality of life nuisance crimes such as aggressive panhandling

  • Work with the Homeless Outreach Team (HOT) to provide social service outreach referrals

  • Assist visitors with directions and information

  • Add a presence in downtown to prevent undesirable behavior

  • Maintain open communications with police to report on-going issues

  • Conduct routine patrol of downtown parks

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