WE are Mission Driven

EVRG is a civic organization dedicated to improving quality of life & family environment within the East Village Area of San Diego.

The purpose of the East Village Residents Group (EVRG) is to provide a forum for discussion of community issues; to strive to reach all members of the community and communicate their views to the appropriate governmental officials and agencies; and in appropriate circumstances, to act on community issues related to:

A. Health, safety and welfare of members within the community;
B. Civic, public services, preservation of neighborhood traditions and educational growth within the community;
C. Solutions for residents including housing, parking, unique architecture, transit, parks, neighborhood library, schools;
D. Beautification and cleanliness of the community;
E. Economic growth and environmental quality of the community;
F. General quality of life and safety in the East Village.

Who we Are

EVRG Board Officers and Committees

President Kathleen Hallahan (2020)

Vice President Phil Ochoa (2020)

Secretary Bob Link  (2020)

Membership Chairperson (Vacant) (2020)

2020 Committees - None at this time.

Board Members at Large

Mark Maliepaard

Shelli Evers

Woody Watkins

David Gapp

Heading 1

Contact Us

East Village Residents Group

1480 Broadway

Suite 2602

San Diego CA  92101


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We are a civic organization 

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