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WE are Mission Driven

EVRG is a civic organization dedicated to improving quality of life & family environment within the East Village Area of San Diego.

The purpose of the East Village Residents Group (EVRG) is to provide a forum for discussion of community issues; to strive to reach all members of the community and communicate their views to the appropriate governmental officials and agencies; and in appropriate circumstances, to act on community issues related to:

A. Health, safety and welfare of members within the community;
B. Civic, public services, preservation of neighborhood traditions and educational growth within the community;
C. Solutions for residents including housing, parking, unique architecture, transit, parks, neighborhood library, schools;
D. Beautification and cleanliness of the community;
E. Economic growth and environmental quality of the community;
F. General quality of life and safety in the East Village.

Who we Are

EVRG Board  Members & Committee Charis


  • Jeana Wallace,   Social Committee

  • Jackson Spencer,  Communication Committee

  • Tricia Moore,  Current Events & Policy Committee

  • Mary Soriano, Community Relations Committee

  • Robyn Spencer, Business Liaison

Membership Chairperson (Vacant) (2020)

Board Members at Large
Larry Turner - Safety Advisor

People Clapping
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